Center for Policing Equity

We use data driven interventions to help law enforcement examine their policies, behaviors, and practices to eliminate biased policing and ensure safer communities.




NEW YORK, NY – EIN 814945849

The Center for Policing Equity (CPE) provides police and communities with a way to use data to improve public safety and racial equity. CPE is a research “think and action tank” with one core mission: to use evidence based approaches and data to create levers for change in criminal justice, communities, and the nation.

In 2013, CPE created the National Justice Database (NJD), the nation’s first database tracking national statistics on police behavior, including stops and use of force. To help compare data across the nation, the NJD standardizes data collection across more than 40 of the country’s police departments and law enforcement agencies. The NJD is already changing the way law enforcement officers police their communities by equipping them with data and (for the first time ever) identifying national benchmarks for police-citizen interactions.