Central American Resource Center Carecen Of Northern California

The population that CARECEN SF serves is truly representative of the Latino immigrant community in the SF Bay Area.




SAN FRANCISCO, CA – EIN 943036508  carecensf.org

Rooted in its cultural strengths and inspired by the Central American justice struggles, CARECEN SF envisions our diverse immigrant community as thriving: where families prosper, build e_ective community institutions, and participate confidently in civic life.

CARECEN SF’s founders were active in the resistance movement that arose in El Salvador in the 1970s to fight against the grave political and economic injustices that characterized the country.

They were ultimately forced to flee El Salvador during the civil war and established CARECEN SF in San Francisco in 1986 to address the needs of Salvadorans and other Central Americans who fled the region amid civil war, political repression, and counter-insurgencies of the 1980s. One of our founders, Ricardo Calderon, is still working with us as one of our senior paralegals. Establishing the organization was no easy task. With little or no resources Ricardo and his colleagues persevered in breaking through great obstacles and establishing an organization that would prove to be critical for Central Americans and other Latinos in the SF Bay Area. Other Salvadoran exiles established CARECEN SF offces in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Houston, and New York City.