Founded in 1999, Grist is a beacon in the smog — an independent, irreverent news outlet and network of innovators working toward a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck.


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Climate, sustainability, and social justice are the most important stories on the … well, on the planet right now. The stakes are high: just, you know, our entire frickin’ future. And it’s easy to despair when denial, delay, and doom dominate the headlines.

But that’s not the whole story, and it never will be. At Grist, we find reasons for hope and optimism every day — while also irritating and shaming those who stand in the way of progress. Our independent, nonprofit newsroom pursues in-depth stories on under-covered topics like clean energy, sustainable food, livable cities, environmental justice, and a better economy. We elevate solutions, expose inequity, and give our readers the context, knowledge, and tools to make a difference.

Our new venture, Fix, is taking the next step toward achieving a more just and sustainable future. Each year we feature the most promising green innovators and influencers in our annual Grist 50. Then we bring this unexpected network together to spur conversations and collaborations. Technologists, activists, artists, politicians, storytellers — their integrated skills and connected goals are what we need right now.

Our mantra these days: Don’t freak out. Figure it out.