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The Bay Area ranks as one of the world’s most affluent areas, yet more than 800,000 Bay Area residents are living at or below the poverty line and one out of every four children here lives in poverty. These statistics are even more startling because it’s greater than the national average.

The price we all pay
The price we pay for poverty is astounding—roughly $500 billion per year nationally in economic losses, healthcare and crime. The emotional and psychological impact of living in need, especially on children, is equally staggering. Poverty chips away at a child’s happiness and confidence and ultimately diminish his ability to thrive and succeed. All too often, poverty derails a child’s education and her aptitude to imagine a bright and hopeful future.

Over one and a half million children in 29 years
For nearly years the Family Giving Tree has been steadfastly committed to being of service to those most in need. So perhaps it’s not surprising that what started as a San Jose State MBA project to help in-need children has grown steadily into an established, widely respected, nonprofit organization.

In 2019 alone—with the help of more than 600 Bay Area nonprofits and schools and the more than 1,300 individuals, groups and businesses that helped us lead drives—we fulfilled nearly 82,000 holiday wishes and provided more than 41,000 supply-filled backpacks to those most in need.

Over the last 28 years, Family Giving Tree has served nearly 1.6 million children and individuals throughout the greater Bay Area as we actively endeavor to inspire the values of kindness, philanthropy, and volunteerism in our community.