INTech Camp

INTech Camp for Girls hosted its first event in April 2014 on the campus of UNC Charlotte with a one-day camp for middle school girls. As a result of the energy felt in the room from the scholars, the volunteers, and the parents, our Founder, Khalia, knew that this type of experience was needed in her community.




PAW CREEK, NC – EIN 813166863

INTech, with the assistance of Teach For America South Carolina, went hosted 3 camps in 3 different cities in South Carolina in 1 day. Hosting these events were critical as rural communities often are left behind as technology continues to advance. On that day, over 70 girls were able to meet women in tech who looked like them in addition to learn HTML and CSS to build a website.

Since then, INTech has grown across the Carolinas to host experiences in Charlotte and Raleigh through their mini-camps, one-day camps, summer camps, and the INTech Academy, a 9-week program for high school girls.

INTech understands that engineering, technology, and computer science careers can be a gateway to many opportunities, which allows individuals who are traditionally underrepresented in those fields to increase their upward mobility. These three fields (engineering, technology, and computer science), while distinct, utilize similar design frameworks to develop solutions to a variety of problems that society faces. While our program has an emphasis on computer science, the approach and learning by students is transferable to the broader engineering field.

Based on research conducted by, there are more than 15,100 unfilled computer science jobs in North Carolina, with the average salary for those jobs being $91,422 [1]. Yet, only 15% of North Carolina high schools offered an Advanced Placement computer science course during the 2016-17 school year [1]. Research shows that students who take a computer science course in high school are 6 times more likely to pursue a computer science major in college and women are 10 times more likely [1].

In order to ensure that students are still able to learn about engineering, technology, and computer Science, our program provides out of school time experiences where middle and high school girls are able to gain the education that they may miss by not having computer science classes in their school.