Refugee & Immigrant Center For Education & Legal Services RAICES

Current immigration policy denies entry to refugees fleeing violence, detains people in abusive detention centers, and separates parents from their children. RAICES is the largest legal aid group of its kind in Texas.




SAN ANTONIO, TX – EIN 742436920

We provide affirmative, defensive, and litigation services to low-income immigrants.

With more immigration lawyers than any organization in Texas, in 2018 RAICES managed 37,863 cases at no cost to our clients. Without pro-bono legal services most of our clients, including children of all ages, would have to go to court alone, with zero representation. We believe no child should go to court alone.

Our legal services extend from low-cost residency and citizenship services to pro-bono representation for families and children in detention, with service offerings for Residency & Citizenship Services, Asylum Seekers, Removal Defense, DACA, Legal Representation for Family and Children, and more.

We empower the community by offering services to remove barriers of oppression, multiply agents of change, and increase clients’ quality of life. We offer a wide range of services including case management, resettlement assistance, a national hotline to connect migrants with local community resources, and transit support for recently released migrants.